Dog waits for months for new baby – watch when mom opens the door and they meet for the first time

I have a hunch that dogs know exactly what’s happening in the lives of their humans. I’ve heard lots of stories about dogs sensing danger or disease long before the signs become visible to us, for example.

Our four-legged friends are also unbeatable when it comes to compassion, and the bond between dog owners and their canines can be stronger than almost anything else.

After watching this clip, I’m even more convinced of this. In this video, posted by The Dodo, a dog shows how loyal he is to the family’s littlest member. When the dog’s owners bring home their first baby, he can’t hide his happiness.

The dog had watched his owner’s belly grow for nine months and knew something was about to happen. I imagine that the parents-to-be might have told him about his new playmate. What do you think?

Look at that tail! This is just pure happiness!

Ever since the little girl arrived home, the dog has been by her side. So cute!

Since the video was posted on Facebook, it has melted millions of hearts. Several people commented that they’ve had similar experiences – with their dogs welcoming the newest addition to their family.

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