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Dog Who Lost Her Paws Given Runs Again When She Sees Her New Family.

The suffering and abuse that 2-year-old Chi Chi was subjected to are unimaginable. But somehow, her courage and cheerful attitude—even in the face of torture—have carried her through. And thanks to a kind-hearted group of animal lovers, her suffering is over. Chi Chi lost all four of her paws when she was hung upside at a South Korean farm that raised dogs for meat. Her owner put her in the cruel position and then stuffed her with food to fatten her up. By the time she was found in a trash can, the bindings holding her up had eaten their way through her flesh. Luckily, Nabiya Irion Hope Project, an animal welfare group based in South Korea, found Chi Chi and took her in. Soon, Animal Rescue, Media & Education also got involved and helped connect her with a family in the United States. But first, Chi Chi needed surgery to remove all four of her paws and she needed time to recover. Here is Chi Chi’s inspiring story of survival.  

Chi Chi’s rescuers weren’t even sure she would survive after undergoing a quadruple amputation.

dog 2

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But Chi Chi is a strong soul. The day after surgery, she tried to walk. And a couple of days later she was smiling and started to walk a little on her stumps.

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After two month of recover, Chi Chi was ready to fly to her new home in the United States.

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First Chi Chi flew to Los Angeles, and then she drove to her new home in Arizona.

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When she arrived, Chi Chi took in the smells of her new home.

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And then she met her new family: Richard, Elizabeth, and Megan Howell.

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And she also met the Howell’s other two dogs,  Kipper and Harry. They were rescued from laboratory research facilities through a branch of ARME called The Beagle Freedom Project.

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ARME set up an Amazon wish list for Chi Chi, and people were very generous in helping her. Chi Chi loves her dog stroller that donors bought her…

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But she also loves getting around on her own.

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She can do anything other dogs can do, except climb stairs.

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Soon Chi Chi will be fitted for prosthetics.

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Her new footwear may take some getting used to, but Chi Chi is sure to face her new challenge just like she faced everything else in her life—with bravery and determination.

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Thanks to ARME, Chi Chi has been given a second chance in life and all the things she needs to enjoy it.

If Chi Chi and ARME have inspired you, please share this story and learn more on ARME’s website.

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