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Elephant Digs For 11 Hours To Make A Hole. When I Understand Why I Am Moved To Tears.

Elephants must be one of the most fascinating animals on earth. I’m sure you already know that elephants are highly intelligent creatures, but they’re also incredibly family-oriented and maintain a close bond with their loved ones. In fact, elephants are known to grieve when they lose a loved one, and we’ve also seen elephants cry when finally released from captivity.

This mother elephant struggling to save her baby certainly shows that bond. The desperate animal spent over 11 hours digging a large hole. When people from the local community heard cries and arrived on scene, they discovered that her baby had fallen into a well and was unable to climb out. The mother elephant then did everything she could to rescue her child… Everything!

Unfortunately, the mother’s desperate rescue attempt made matters worse, as she pushed more mud into the hole. Thankfully, the local villagers were at last able to help. After hours of hard work, they managed to help the desperate and devastated mother bring her little child back to surface. Mom and child were finally able walk back to freedom, without either having suffered any physical damage, according to The Daily Mail.

So glad all ended well!

Isn’t the love in animals hearts just amazing – not to mention the love a parent has for its child? Please share this with anyone you know who would also appreciate the heroic effort that went into rescuing this baby elephant!

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