Elephant Falls Backward While Performing Difficult Trick. And Its Friends’ Reaction Shows Why We Need To Stop Exploiting These Animals.

Elephants are wise and loving beings that obviously don’t belong in the circus. And this video provides some of the clearest evidence of that. Although what happens is tragic, I still want to share it with you because it really shows how wrong it is for humans to use wild animals in the circus.

In this video, several elephants are forced to perform at a circus in Belarus. One of them has to climb to the top of a pyramid and balance on its two front legs. But elephants weren’t made to climb pyramids! The elephant loses its balance and falls around two meters to the ground, landing right next to the audience. It’s quite a horrific scene.

But then, something quite endearing happens. Just after the elephant falls to the ground, the other elephants rush to help their friend. And you can see how anxious they are while their friend tries to get up. They can see that their friend is injured and want to see how it is doing. Elephants are truly wise!

No humans were injured when the elephant fell from the pyramid. But the elephant was hurt, and was even forced to continue performing that day, writes The Dodo.

No animals should be abused just to entertain people. It’s unnecessary and wrong. Wild animals don’t belong in the circus.

Here’s a video from another angle that shows how troubled the other elephants were when they saw their friend was injured.

Never visit any circuses that use wild animals and never ride on elephants when you’re on vacation. If we no longer support these activities, they will disappear!

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