Every day this dog hops on the bus alone to go to the park to play

Meet Eclipse – not only is she the cutest, but also arguably the most independent dog you’ve heard of.

This pooch is what we call a real city gal – you see, what makes Eclipse a little different from most dogs is that she likes to ride the bus to the dogpark by herself. 

Talk about a clever doggy!

The Labrador, who lives in Seattle, USA, with her owner Jeff Young has become quite the local celebrity.

Many Seattleites have spotted Eclipse all by herself, on the local bus on her way to the dogpark.  

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“She sits here like a person does, she’s a person, and all the bus drivers know her,” passenger Tiona Rainwater tells AP news agency.

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Owner Jeff usually accompanies Eclipse to the playground, but on one particular morning, Jeff took a little longer than usual to finish his cigarette.

Eclipse got tired of waiting and decided to ditch Jeff. She just hopped on the bus on her own.

Since then she’s learnt exactly how many stops it takes to get to the playground – and even prefers to ride the bus by herself from time to time!

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“She’s been urbanised totally, she’s a busriding, side-walk walking dog. If we get separated, she gets on the bus without me and I catch up with her at the dog park,” he tells Associated Press.

The bus operating companies aren’t exactly too thrilled about Eclipse riding solo on the buses – they think the dog should be on a leash and with her owner with her at all times. There seems to be no complaints from any of the other passengers though. In fact they think she’s a bundle of joy who makes their daily commute more fun and entertaining.

© Source: YouTube

Take a look at her below on the bus, doesn’t she look happy?

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