Family Pays Loving Tribute To The Adorable Rescue Dog They Brought Into Their Lives.

Adopting a rescue dog is like opening a birthday gift from your best friend. You don’t quite know what you’ll get, but you know it’ll be wonderful.

Sure, you meet the dog at the shelter and are interviewed so the shelter can determine if you’re both a good match. But the gift that you receive doesn’t fully reveal itself until you bring your dog home and welcome him or her into your family.

Take Ralph, for instance. He’s an adorable fluffy white pup who was found napping between the pumps at a gas station in Cape Town, South Africa. When Sidewalk Specials, a local shelter, heard about him, they took him in, checked him out, and waited for an owner to step forward in case the lovable pup was just lost. But when no one came forward, Sidewalk Specials connected Ralph with a loving family.

Ralph’s new family had never adopted a rescue dog before, so they were a little nervous. They had lots of expectations about what Ralph would be like—even after they brought him home. But this incredble dog, like the rest of dogs in need of good homes at Sidewalk Specials, defied expections. In fact, Ralph’s new family was so surprised by how wonderful he is, they made a video about the newest member of their family to pay tribute to him. Watch it below.

Please share Ralph’s video to remind your friends of all the wonderful rescue dogs out there who need a good home. Who knows, maybe your friends will adopt one and thank you for the idea!

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