Firefighters Rescue A Fox Caught In A Soccer Net And Show That Every Life Is Precious!

Unfortunately, stories of animals getting into dangerous situations because humans have encroached upon their natural environments are all too commonplace. I’m sure we’ve all heard of everything from deer being hit by cars and birds getting entangled in plastic.

But thankfully, many kind-hearted people devote their time and energy to assisting animals in trouble. Veterinarians, firefighters, police officers, and animal shelter volunteers all look out for our animal friends every day. And I’m not just talking about cats stuck in trees. In the video below, some fire fighters use their precious time to help a fox that got into trouble. What heroes! <3

Police in Solebury, Pennsylvania made a very special rescue last weekend.

A fox wandered onto a sports field and got tangled in a soccer net. No one knows exactly how long the fox was trapped there before someone noticed it. But the situation would have been different if the fire department had arrived any later.

“The fox was hanging in the net and choking himself out. A couple more minutes and it might not have turned out so well,” a firefighter told the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Luckily, the fox was unharmed and was able to run back into the woods without any visible damage.

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