For Years Residents Mocked This Fat Street Dog. But One Day, This Man Decided To Help It.

He was abandoned at a gas station in Brazil as a puppy. For the next 13 years, Bolinha would live as a street dog outside a cafe, surrounded by junk and feeding off leftovers. As Bolinha grew up, so did his weight and ill health. He began to have great difficulty breathing and could barely move. Sadly, people who saw him cruelly treated him more as some kind of freak attraction, laughing and mocking him despite his urgent need for help. But last fall, everything changed. A man that had heard of Bolinha found the dog among piles of trash and garbage. Since then, Bolinha has been cared for by an animal welfare organization, receiving long needed help and love — and what a difference it has made. Slowly but surely, Bolinha’s condition has improved. In less than a year, he lost 13 kg. Take a look at Bolinha’s incredible transformation below.

For 13 years, he lived on the street surrounded by junk and leftovers.



And in less than a year, his transformation has been incredible. Bolinha has lost 13 kg and is happier than ever.


Gradually, Bolinha began to dramatically improve.


He began eating healthier foods and was showered with love.


He had to start exercising to begin dropping the pounds.


He was adopted by a family which took care of him and loved him, just as all dogs should have it.


The man took Bolinha to an animal rights organization where the happy dog got his first bath ever.


Bolinha had increasing difficulty walking and even moving. But everything would change when a savior came to the rescue.


Poor Bolinha was ridiculed, seen more as a thing than an actual living being.

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Source: Facebook/PamPet

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