Fury as dog tied to short chain made to stand on back legs all day in sweltering heat

Animal lovers the world over have been left incensed after pictures surfaced depicting a dog dangling from a window by an extremely short chain.

The pictures reportedly come from Teloloapan, Mexico, and show what appears to be an act of torture as cruel as it is obviously painful to the dog.

The alleged “owners” of the animal reside in the Emiliano Zapata neighborhood of Teloloapan, Mexico, and are said to have left the dog in the scorching sun the entire day. The chain is so short that the poor pooch was forced to stand on his hind legs to avoid suffocation.

Facebook/ Denuncia ciudadana Teloloapan

It wasn’t long before concerned by-passers attempted to intervene. One stranger even approached the dog’s owners and begged them to surrender the animal, but they merely chased the man away.

Fortunately, said stranger was able to snap a series of pictures before leaving the scene, pictures which have since been uploaded to social media.


It’s precisely these images that have caused such a stir online, with people aiming to spread them in the hope that the local police are forced to intervene.

After all, the situation isn’t simply a question of comfort for the dog, but rather one of survival. In such heat he could easily die of exhaustion, while the chain about his neck looks short enough to choke him if he stands in the wrong position.

We, along with a great deal of people who have seen the images, are praying that someone intervenes and saves this dog’s life. As it stands, his future looks bleak indeed.

Please help us spread this story in the hope that sufficient pressure is put on the shoulders of those in a position to help.