German shepherd adopts baby opossum after his mom is hit by a car

Motherhood is a privilege that’s not just awarded to women who give birth. Women who choose to adopt are some of the best moms around, and their love is truly unconditional. But it’s adoptive mothers in the animal world that really amaze me because some of them aren’t even the same species as their little ones!

When Poncho’s mother was hit by a car, the baby opossum clung to her side. But without her in his life anymore, the tiny marsupial was all alone in the world and had little chance of survival.

Fortunately, Poncho was found and was taken to a vet. And even though his human caretakers could give him shelter, food, and love, he was missing something essential: a mother. So when Poncho met a puppy-less German shepherd named Hantu, he knew exactly who his new mom would be.

Hantu readily adopted Poncho and lovingly nursed him back to health. Though she didn’t have a pouch to keep Poncho warm, Hantu had a strong back where she could carry her little one around wherever she went. Now a few years later, the pair are still inseparable and enjoying life together at Rare Species Fund.


It’s wonderful to see how strong the bond is between this mother and child. And the fact that they’re different species doesn’t come between them at all.

Watch the touching video about this unlikely pair below:



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