Guide dog meets Pluto for first time – look closely when he realizes the importance of the moment

For many of us, meeting our idols would be a dream come true. And while most of us never get the opportunity, for those who do, it must be overwhelming. I for one, wouldn’t really know how to react. After all, there are a couple celebs I’ve dreamed of meeting for almost my entire life.

And that’s why it’s so fun to watch the guide dog in this video that’s going viral on Facebook.

This helpful dog is called Ace and he recently went to Disneyland. Among the funnest things you can do in the theme park is meet your favorite characters. From Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck to Ariel and Elsa, everyone has a favorite. And it turns out, dogs do, too!

Luckily, somebody had a camera and filmed the dog meeting Pluto. As a guide dog, he spends his entire life making sure that his human is able to live life to the fullest. And that’s why it warms my heart and makes me smile to see this pooch meet his hero. Just look when he realizes the importance of the moment — and realizes that it’s Pluto who’s standing in front of him! I hope he had a nice weekend at Disneyland! Sometimes dreams really do come true!

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