He Was Seriously Ill But Survived. Now This Cat Is Comforting Sick Animals At The Clinic.

When Rademenes the cat was just two months old, he got an infection and had to visit a veterinarian in Bydgoszcz, Poland. He received treatment and gradually became alert and strong again. The veterinarian that treated him, Kuziel-Zawalich, greatly bonded with the cat, so he decided to adopt the adorable furball.

Little did Kuziel-Zawalich know that the day he would adopt little Rademenes was also the day he would acquire new ‘staff’ in his clinic. The new caregiver: a four-legged, furry little creature — Rademenes himself.



It turned out that Rademenes had a very special ability to comfort other animals.


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The black cat would approach sick and recovering animals at the clinic, comforting and soothing them. At times, Rademenes laid his paws on the sick animals, as if to hug them back to health.



Rademenes is keen on helping out at the animal clinic and ensuring that the ailing animals are well or improve. He sometimes licks them, other times, he cuddles by their side in solidarity!


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My heart just melted when I saw the pics of this amazing cat comforting other animals. This is yet more proof of animals’ ability to be thoughtful and show compassion towards one another. Share this sweet story if you agree!

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