Heroes: Fought For 2 Days To Save The Life Of A Puppy Covered In Hot Tar.

Animal Aid Unlimited is an organisation in India dedicated to helping animals living on the streets. Throughout the years they’ve ensured that thousands of dogs, cows and cats receive the help they need. I can’t express in words my admiration for the work these people do every day. We’ve published stories about the organisation and their work several times before, but some rescues really get under your skin. This story is one of them: A poor little puppy was found in a ditch and everyone expected the worst. It was covered in a thick layer of tar and was completely unable to move. Fortunately, the stranger who found him contacted Animal Aid Unlimited. It’s that gesture that would end up saving the life of the young dog…  

This puppy was found in the area of Udaipu, in the north west of India. It was covered in hot, boiling tar. At first, the person who found the dog thought it was dead but then they saw that its eyes were moving.


Luckily, a group from Animal Aid Unlimited quickly arrived at the scene. It looked like an impossible task, but they immediately started working on removing as much of the tar as they could.


For two whole days volunteers worked on getting all the tar off the dogs fur.


It was later revealed that the dog had fallen into a pool of hot tar. Either way, what’s certain is that the people who saved it deserve all the praise in the world.


In the end, everything turned out well. The staff managed to get rid of all the tar and the little puppy’s recovery was remarkable. In this video you can see the transformation. Take a good look on its tail… 🙂

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