His Baby Daughter Crawls For The First Time. Now Watch Their Labrador. This Is True Love!

I don’t have children but certainly hope to one day. And when I come across clips like this, I always remember why.

This video was just too cute for words. Crawling is an important milestone in a baby’s life, and to me one of the cutest ones. I mean what’s cuter than a tiny baby curiously discovering his or her own motor skills? That kind of alertness is just too endearing.

In this clip, we witness just that. An adorable baby girl learns to crawl for the first time. But this typical baby behavior is magnified in cuteness thanks to the family’s equally adorable, gentle Labrador.

Oh my, this has double the cuteness and double the fun! Take a look at the chemistry between these two (and what the sweet pup does at the end) and I challenge you not to feel all fuzzy and warm inside!

Over 16 million people have seen this wonderful clip, and I think you’ll understand why after you watch it. This is too good not to share, so make sure you do!

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