Horse delivers rare twins, days later, footage takes everyone’s breath away

Horse are simply magnificent creatures. And I just love watching them interact with each other – especially when talking about a mother and child.

But just imagine a mare with twins! This is very rare in the horse world, and so when one Belgian draft horse delivered a set of twin foals, it’s no wonder the news spread like wildfire. A video captured of them soon began to go viral.

Have a look for yourself below.

In the video, the twins, Lisa and Fien, can be seen playing with each other and cuddling with mom, a mere four days following their birth.

The bond you witness is just heartwarming.

Twin births among horses are rare and this is especially the case with Belgian draft horses.

This breed is one of the strongest around the world. They grow to become large, beautiful, creatures, yet are known to also be gentle and affectionate.

Just watch as this family of Belgian drafts play around and bond with each other in the video below.

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