If there’s one video you need to see today, it’s Tito and Penny

Sometimes friendships form between the most unlikely candidates. And nowhere is that more true than in the animal kingdom. If they’re not threatened, animals don’t see differences — they just see friends.

A raccoon named Tito and a dog named Penny are a wonderful example of this.

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Many people think raccoons are annoying pests that can be a bit aggressive, so they’re understandly cautious around them. But not Penny.

When Tito the racccoon was rescued earlier this year, he ended up with Penny and her family — and Penny was the first to welcome him in.

As time went on, Tito and Penny developed an unshakable friendship.

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When Tito wants to play and try new things, Penny is right there with him — and vice versa.

They do everything together, including swim.

With a camera there to capture the whole thing, Tito jumps into the pool with Penny right behind him. Then, Tito climbs onto Penny’s back — and they swim back and forth as happy as can be!

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The two friends’ adventures are melting the hearts of animal lovers everywhere.

Their bond is just so nice to see!

Don’t miss this wonderful clip — it’s sure to put a smile on your face:

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