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Injured Fox Drags Himself Out Of A Ditch To ”Ask” Security Guard For Help.

They say that foxes are clever, and this fox certainly proved that when he realized he was hurting and sought out help. Finn the fox was literally on his last legs. He was starving and he could barely walk. So when he saw a man in the distance, he gathered all of his strength and dragged himself toward the man. It proved to be the smartest thing the fox ever did… and it certainly saved his life.

When a security guard named Muhammad saw Finn, the little fox was dragging himself out of a ditch and coming toward him. Muhammad knew he had to act quickly, so he gave the fox a bite to eat and called for help.

By the time rescuers from the National Fox Welfare Society arrived, Finn had collapsed. “The little cub just rolled on his back, unable to run away,” the society wrote on its Facebook page.

fox 7
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Finn’s rescuers brought him to their shelter and offered him some toast with honey, which the fox devoured. The rescue workers would soon learn how hungry Finn really was, but first they needed to take care of one of the fox’s back legs, which was broken.

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While Finn was waiting for surgery, he was given pain meds for his leg, chicken and honey to help him regain his strength, and a stuffed bunny to make him feel at home. And Finn quickly took to his new friend.

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Dr. Adrian O’Shea of The Avenue Vets – Kettering performed the operation on Finn’s leg, and the vet discovered a heartbreaking fact in the operating room. It turns out that Finn didn’t break his leg in an accident. Tragically, his fracture probably occurred due to malnutrition—which also explains Finn’s love of eating.

“The fracture is also not a recent one, i.e., just a week,” the National Fox Welfare Society wrote. “It was done some time ago, so it is possible mum could have dumped this little one knowing something was wrong.”

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Now, Finn is on the road to recovery and still has his healthy appetite. “Little Finn the fox cub was up and waiting yesterday evening for his cooked chicken supper, and despite the ordeals of the day, devoured the lot,” the society said.

When it’s not mealtime, Finn enjoys snuggling his best friend.

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And what a friend the bunny is! It even indulged Finn’s voracious appetite. Even though Finn is undoubtably eating the best meals of his life, the fox got carried away and ate his best friend’s ears.

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Isn’t Finn a sweetheart? Thanks, Muhammad and the good folks at National Fox Welfare Society for saving this clever fox and nursing him back to health! If you’d like to help Finn and other foxes like him, visit the society’s website, where you can also make a donation.

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