Jessica Wanted To Help Poor People. Now Thousands Have Been Touched By Her Beautiful Initiative.

Jessica Wendel, 41, suffered from a slipped disc and for this reason she had to be hospitalized. During her stay at the hospital she had a lot of time to think and ponder. Jessica really felt she wanted to help families, especially kids, that couldn’t afford expensive summer activities.

Her simple, but incredibly generous idea: To invite everybody that was up for it to her and her spouse’s farm.

So, the moment she left the hospital back in May, she wrote a post on Facebook. Sadly, the response was quite poor.

But Jessica didn’t give up. Last Monday she did another post, and now over 12,000 persons has shared her post. The attention is just huge and most of all, people have been touched by Jessica’s hospitality.

“I’ve been bombarded! I couldn’t imagine all this attention, but it’s of course a very good feeling. People write that I am an angel and that my heart is the most beautiful they have ever seen. It’s grown up blokes as well as young guys that get in touch. They tell me my Facebook post makes them burst into tears, Jessica told Swedish newspaper Kvällsposten.

The stay at the farm will be free of charge; Jessica just wants to help out. The kids will have the chance to play with the animals at the farm; they can ride horse and cart, and they can watch rabbits jumping around. And Jessica will offer everyone free coffee.
“I don’t do this for me, I do this for everybody else. I want them to be happy and joyful, and this will bring a smile to my face. My reward is to see the happiness in their eyes, she told Kvällsposten.

The reason for Jessica’s hospitality is that her life at times has been hard, and she really wants to help others that are struggling. Just the way she has cared for the animals at the farm.
“Almost every single animal at our farm has been through hell, just like me some time ago.” She writes on Facebook.

To live and work with animals has helped Jessica fight a quite dark history.
“I lived with a man that was very mean to me, and this made me very broken. Now, I’m here for everybody in need of a chat or a good coup of coffee. It is possible to turn things around, even though it sometimes feels hopeless. “

Next week a woman from the south of Sweden, and her six kids, will arrive at the farm.
”She was worried that her disabled kid wouldn’t be able to stay at the farm. But I told her this wasn’t a problem. Everyone is welcome and everybody is treated like equals here.”

I agree with everybody else: Jessica is truly an angel. If you want to help me celebrate Jessica’s beautiful initiative, please press the share button below so everybody can read her story.

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