Lamb reunites with its mother after being saved from slaughter

Animal welfare organization Freedom Farm Sanctuary has witnessed many amazing moments, but here’s one that really tugs at the heartstrings.

Two 6-week-old lambs arrived one day to the organization’s animal reserve. They had been rescued from a crowded farm where they were being prepped for slaughter. Upon arrival, the little lambs were of course terrified and weary of the caretakers on site. But when the lambs refused to eat or drink, their caretakers became especially concerned.

Photo: Freedom Farm Sanctuary

Upon further investigation, Freedom Farm discovered that their mother was still on the farm from which they’d been rescued — just days away from slaughter.

Took things in their own hands

The animal rights organization immediately took matters into its own hands. Staff returned to the farm to save the little lambs’ mother, too. Fortunately, they made it just in time.

Photo: Freedom Farm Sanctuary

As the mother was brought to the Freedom Farm Sanctuary, the little lambs were inside the barn. They suddenly heard a familiar sound — and immediately recognized their mother.

Their ears stood up and they looked curiously around.

Watch the video below to witness the beautiful reunion for yourself!

It’s not hard to understand why memories of this day continue to warm hearts everywhere. Talk about animal  heroes! Share this story with your friends to spread the love.