Lovable puppy Chunkie reunites with the firefighter who saved her life

She was neglected by her owner and lived a life of misery. But one day, everything changed for a puppy named Chunkie—all thanks to Mike the firefighter.

Mike was out walking when he saw a puppy tied to a pole. Nobody seemed to care about her and it was raining hard. The puppy was abandoned, alone, and seemingly very neglected.

Mike waited a while as he kept an eye out for an owner, but after no one turned up, he decided to take action.

Mike Thawley, who works at the Sacramento Fire Department, took the puppy to the fire station, where he washed her up made sure she was okay.

Sacramento Fire Department

After Chunkie, as firefighters named her, was feeling better, Mike took her to a local animal shelter. He hoped that she’d find a loving home quickly. But it wasn’t long before they met again.

Sacramento Fire Department

Just a day later, Mike went back to the animal shelter to greet Chunkie. And the reunion was magical! The moment when Chunkie realizes that her guardian angel has come to visit is unbeatable. Check it out below:

We’re keep our fingers crossed that Chunkie finds a loving forever home soon. Please share this heartwarming moment with all the animal lovers you know!

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