Man hears mysterious sounds coming from a suitcase – unzips it and makes horrifying discovery

He was on his way home when he suddenly stumbled upon what appeared to be an abandoned suitcase.

He didn’t think much about it until suddenly, he thought he heard strange noises coming from within it.

He decided to open the suitcase and look inside.

To his shock, he discovered the unthinkable: a small, abandoned poodle.

As I read about this incident which took place in Vancouver in Canada, I wondered how could someone do such a thing to a little dog?

USA Today reports that the man heard little sounds coming from the abandoned suitcase, and then opened it.

What he discovered inside shook him.

“The finder pried open the suitcase… and found a dog inside,” Eyal Lichtmann, who works at the animal shelter, told USA Today. The dog “had been in its urine and feces, but otherwise seemed in good health. The finder brought him home and provided food and water,” he added. 


The man brought the dog to an animal shelter straight away, so that the poor poodle could get some help.

“He was very, very lucky that he was found,” Eyal Lichtmann told USA Today, adding: “This is absolute cruelty… to do this to a beautiful little poodle, who is the friendliest dog in the world.”

The poodle, who’s been given the name Donut, is in good health and can be described as a playful and happy pooch.

The police are investigating this incident as animal abuse but have no suspects yet.

The animal shelter will now try to find Donut a loving and caring forever home.

Dog are companions for life and not just something you can buy and toss away when you get bored! Please share if you agree.

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