Man left shocked after being sold ferret as toy poodle

A man from Argentina got the shock of his life after bringing home what he thought were poodles… You won’t believe what they really were!

The man, who hails from Catacarma, Argentina, spent $150 under the impression he was acquiring two toy poodles, but instead ended up with ferrets that had been pumped with steroids.

The man had become a little suspicious at the unusually low price for pedigree dogs, and became concerned that he might have acquired what Argentinians humorously refer to as a ‘Brazilian rat.’

Upon returning home, he took the ‘dogs’ to a veterinarian for vaccinations, only to discover that they were indeed ferrets that had been artificially enlarged with steroids from birth. Some additional grooming had even been done to mimic the appearance of fluffy toy poodles, according to The Huffington Post.

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This incident isn’t isolated though… In fact, it’s part of a broader trend where unsuspecting shoppers at Argentina’s largest bazaar are falling victim to similar tricks, spending obscene amounts of money on what they believe to be purebred toy poodles, only to realize later that they had purchased steroid-pumped ferrets.

The situation echoes the ongoing (albeit mighty bizarre) debate surrounding the authenticity of sun bears in China. Visitors have been flocking to Hangzhou zoo to witness a peculiar-looking bear that has gone viral online, after people began speculating that it might be a person in a costume (a claim that the zoo has vehemently denied).

Around 20,000 people per day have been visiting Hangzhou zoo since a video circulated on Sunday, July 30, showing Angela the sun bear standing and begging for food. The camera angle inadvertently provided a less flattering view of its rear fur.

Experts have addressed these doubts, highlighting the intelligence of sun bears. They possess the ability to remember food locations and communicate through mimicking each other’s facial expressions.


A zoo in China told visitors its sun bears are real, after videos of the animal standing like a person went viral on Chinese social media, prompting rumors that it was a human in disguise.

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Kim Vaughan, Section Leader of Primates and Small Mammals at Paradise Wildlife Park, told The Daily Mail: “All ursids [members of the bear family] can stand due to their strong physique. Their limbs are straighter, unlike terrestrial carnivores. Plantigrades distribute their weight to their hind feet, which offers excellent balance and the capability to stand.”

She continued: “Sun bears are incredibly clever; they can remember locations of food and have complex facial expressions to communicate.”

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