Meet Wallace The Rabbit And Gus The Cat: Two Best Friends That Are Taking The Net By Storm

Meet Gus the cat and Wallace the rabbit. Their owners have created an Instagram page featuring adorable pictures of the two.

The images have acquired quite a fan base, with thousands following their daily adventures. Yes, this pair make the most mundane of daily experiences an exciting scene. In fact, the two have been best friends since they were babies.

Wallace is so comfortable with Gus that he sometimes settles in his bed.

Their striking resemblance may have something to do with their strong ties, but most of all they seem to just really enjoy each other’s company. Serious cuteness!

Their beds lay opposite each other. And if only one sleeps, the other keeps a watchful eye out.

This just proves that truly, love and friendship have no boundaries.

When Wallace is eating, however, he prefers to be left alone for a while. Or at least, almost…

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