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Michael rescues sick dog Milo from the street – 70 days later something absolutely fantastic happens

We have previously reported on animal lover Michael Baines and the amazing work he is doing rescuing street dogs in Thailand.

Every single day, this animal hero feeds 80 street dogs in his area as well as places food strategically in other areas to ensure no Thai street dog goes hungry.

He has also rescued many dogs from the streets and worked hard toward giving them a real home.

One such dog is Milo.

Milo was first discovered by some students at the University of Bangsaen. They contacted Michael and told him that they’d discovered a dog that clearly appeared to be suffering from some kind of skin disease.

When Michael arrived at the scene, he found a vulnerable 7-month-old puppy in dire need of help. Milo screamed with fear when Michael tried to lift him.

“It took about five minutes to manage to get a hold of Milo with the help of my staff. We went to the clinic, where we were able to establish that he had severe demodectic mange,” Michael told Newsner.

They immediately began treatment.

Milo was small and frail, with almost no hair left on his body. But after some time and with help from medication and love from his new foster family, his condition began to improve.

“He gained confidence back and Milo was soon a new puppy,” says Michael.

50 days later, Milo is feeling much better.

Isn’t his transformation just unbelievable? Michael soon found Milo a forever home in Phoenix, Arizona. The family thought he would get along very well with their three other dogs. 

70 days after Michael had saved Milo, it was time to say goodbye. Just before Christmas, Milo traveled to the US to move in with his new family.

Today, Milo is doing great. He lives very happily with his new family, and has seen snow for the first time of his life.

Good luck in the US Milo! We suspect you will do just fine! 

Thank you for saving Milo, Michael! Your work is wonderful and much appreciated by all the other dog lovers out there! Please share this story if you hope Michael continues to do what he’s doing!

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