Tip leads officers to ‘hellish’ farm where they discover pony with 3-foot-long hooves neglected for 15 years

Although it’s hard to think about, animal neglect and abuse happens every day. We love our pets at home and would never think of being cruel to them. Unfortunately, some people don’t think this way, and are willing to harm, hurt, or starve animals in their care.

But it’s thanks to the everyday heroes who care that a large portion of these animals are saved from their situation. These heroes can be anonymous tipsters as well as animal rescuers who are willing to put themselves in harm’s way in order to save our furry friends.

It is thanks to these people that a pony and his friends were saved from horrendous conditions at what is being called a “hellish” farm.

Posted by Days End Farm Horse Rescue on Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Officers with the Humane Society of Washington County (HSWC), arrived at a private farm in response to the tip of concerned citizen calling about the welfare of pet pigeons. However, protocol dictated that the officers had to investigate the whole farm, not just the area where the pigeons were housed.

And it’s a good thing they did: to their horror, they found three horses – two stallions and a miniature – confined to individual stalls. They were neglected for so long that they were emaciated and had rotten teeth. Their hooves had never been properly cared for and were measured at more than 3 feet long.

The hooves also weighed in at more than 30 pounds (per horse). It was estimated that they had been neglected for 15 years.