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Nine years without a single day off – this ginger cat has an impressive work ethic

Bobo, a 9-year-old ginger cat, spends every day hard at work as a shop assistant and has never taken a single day off. Yes, you read that right.

Bobo was adopted as a kitten and brought into a small shop in Chinatown, New York. The employee who introduced him to his new home thought he would be the perfect addition to the staff.

Photo Credit: Instagram @tabby_bobo

Nearly ten years later he has more experience running the store than most of the other employees, and he’s never taken a single personal day either.

Described as calm and friendly, he spends every day in the shop keeping an eye on the good, greeting customers, and exercising his duty to find bits of cardboard to sit on.

Photo Credit: Instagram @tabby_bobo

“At the store, he likes to sit near the entrance and greet customers. He has his own scratcher lounge towards the front of the store and likes to sit there. He also likes to look out the window, a curious cat!” said Annie Liao, an employee of the store and Bobo’s primary caregiver.

Photo Credit: Instagram @tabby_bobo

She added: “Bobo’s personality is calm and friendly. He is the only cat in the store – he’s the king of the store!”

A local lawyer and cat-lover supplies food for Bobo and takes him to the vet for check-ups and shots.

Photo Credit: Instagram @tabby_bobo

Gearing up to retire from the shop and move into a proper home, he has enjoyed his recently acquired Instagram fame.

Photo Credit: Instagram @tabby_bobo

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