Nobody Wanted The Dog That Peed Himself. Until Two Girls Changed Everything.

Kelly Michael and Sarah Lauch from Chicago was visiting an animal shelter this April to save and adopt a cute little puppy. But when they arrived at the shelter everything changed. Instead, a sad older dog captured their hearts.

A Pit Bull, named Roosevelt, had been abandoned by his owner because he had urinating issues. He was old and didn’t have much time left, so his owner left him at the animal shelter. But Roo, as they called him, wasn’t feeling to good and his kind eyes were screaming for help and love. Kelly and Sarah just couldn’t leave him.

This is where Roo used to live. I really understand why the girls feel in love with his eyes.

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When they took him out, he refused to go back into the cage.

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They decided to become foster parents and took him home.

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After a stop at the vet, they found out Roo had terminal bone cancer and just had a few more month left to live.

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This however didn’t change the girl’s will to give Roo some beautiful last months.

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They took him out camping, on a trip to the lake and gave him lots of candy.

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For now, Roo is fine and gets all the loving care he needs.

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Kelly and Sarah hopes to inspire others to live like Roo and to enjoy all the happiness and love in life.

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They have started the hashtag #LiveLikeRoo and Roo has his own Facebook page as well, with thousands of fans.


I’m so glad they decided to adopt Roo and I wish him many happy months in life.

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