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Owner struggles for 2h to insert a cat flap – the unexpected reaction of the cat causes millions to laugh

Outdoor cat owners know how convenient it can be to have a cat flap on their door. They don’t have to worry about whether their cat is stuck outside after it leaves the house. Meanwhile, their cats are free to wander as they wish.

This is what owner Brian had in mind when he decided to build a cat flap for his cat Phil on his back door.

The process of carving out a hole and building a flap took over 2 hours, and when Brian was done, he couldn’t wait to see Phil test it out. So, he called his cat over… but little did he expect what would happen next.

Within seconds, he was doubled over in laughter. His video depicting the events has caused millions to laugh along with him.

Take a look at the clip for yourself below to see what clever cat Phil did with the flap.

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