Rescued Pig Is Overjoyed To Have Her Very Own Puppy.

Friends make everything better. And it doesn’t matter if that special someone is a different species—life is simply better with a pal. When French bulldog puppy Keeva arrived at the farm where she lives, she was a little depressed. Life on the farm should have been fun, but the pig she was meant to be friends with was a real stick in the mud. But then something special happened. Keeva’s owners adopted piglet Peanut, and Keeva finally had what she’d always been missing—a best friend! The pair are a joy to see. And you’re not likely to find a cuter pair of friends than these two! Scroll down to see pictures of Keeva and Peanut’s adorable friendship!

Piper the pig’s owners adopted Keeva the Frenchie puppy to be a friend to their pig. But unfortunately, the two didn’t exactly hit it off.

Keeva was looking for someone she doesn’t need to poke and prod just to have some fun.

And for a while, it didn’t seem like a friend like that even existed.

Until someone special came along in the form of a pig named Peanut!

Keeva’s owners rescued Peanut from life in a tiny cage where he was being raised for food. Once in his new home, Peanut was loved by everyone, and especially Keeva.

The were best friends from the moment they met. Keeva was excited to finally have someone her own size to play with, and Peanut was excited to get out of his cage and have someone to share his life with.

Now, the two are inseparable.

And they always have each other’s back…

Update- first off thank you for all your thoughts and prayers! . Peanut seems a lot better today! I am still keeping a close eye on him just in case! He is such a great piggy. He loves when he gets to come in the house. We wish we could keep him in the house but that just isn’t possible with the space we have! Our house is even smaller than our yard! Since getting peanut and seeing how much he loves attention and wants to be right with his family all the time just breaks my heart in so many ways! I can’t stop thinking about all the piggies that don’t have a name and have never been shown any kind of love! Market pig behave just like any mini pig and they all deserve to have a home and to be loved just like any other animal! I am in tears just thinking about all the market pigs that live their whole lives in a tiny pen, not even big enough to turn around! And they live like that till the day they are hauled off to be butchered! Pigs are the most smartest animal you will ever meet and they DO NOT deserve to be treated like caged meat! After getting Peanut, all I want to do is save more pigs from their horrible lives and show them what it’s like to be loved! No matter what, one day I will make that dream come true! I have set up a go fund me(link in bio). If you would like to help anything would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much to all the ones who have donated! We really appreciate it SO much! Each donation is one step closer to saving these poor animals who have no voice!!! #bestanimalsever #bestpetsever #pet #piggy #bestvideo #animalsofinstagram #petsofinstagram #instapet #instaanimal #instavideo #love #govegan #videooftheday #vegan #frenchiepetsupply #frenchie #frenchbulldog #dog #puppy #puppiesofinstagram

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Because that’s what friends are for!

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