Role reversal: rhino charges and injures poacher

Hunting rhinos is both reckless and cruel. Still, poachers hunt these endanger animals for their horns.

But sometimes the hunt doesn’t turn out the way the poachers had imagined.

Wikimedia Commons

Poaching rhinoceros is a terrible problem that is threatening these incredible animals. But unfortunately, pulverized rhino horns have long been sought after as “medicine,” and their horns are also sold as ornaments.

But recently, one hunt didn’t go as some poachers in Namibia had imagined it would.

It happened in Etosha National Park. The poachers were tracking a rhino when it suddenly appeared out of nowhere and charged them. The rhino ended up badly injured one of the men, reports The Namibian.

The poacher hid in the mountains, but police found him the next day and immediately arrested him.

Talk about an unexpected turn of events!

Today, only five rhino species remain in the world; four are endangered and the survival of one (trubbnus rhino) is considered vulnerable.

This is unacceptable. Wild animals deserve to live a life free of threat from humans. Share if you think that more needs to be done to protect these beautiful creatures!

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