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She Found A Broken Eggshell With A Baby Bird Still Alive Inside. When She Saved It, She Made A Friend For Life.

One day while Susan Hickman was out walking, she saw a cracked eggshell on the ground. She almost kept walking, but for some reason, she decided to see if there was anything inside…

Soon a baby starling emerged from the shell. The chick didn’t have feathers to cover its body and its eyes were closed. Susan looked around to see if there was a nest nearby but couldn’t find one. She knew the hatchling wouldn’t survive on its own and decided to try and save it. She named him Klinger.

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chick 1

But taking care of a baby bird isn’t easy. For the first two weeks, Susan had to feed Klinger every 20-30 minutes from sunrise to sunset.

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bird 2

Susan used a small medicine dropper to feed Klinger.

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bird 3

Somehow, he survived the first day…

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bird 4

… And the next day, too.

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bird 5

He opened his eyes and got feathers…

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bird 6

… And grew into a large bird.

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bird 7

By now, Klinger was like family.

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bird 8

Then, when Klinger was big enough, Susan decided it was time to release him back into the wild.

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bird 9

But she also realized that Klinger was domesticated now. He was completely unprepared for life in the wild and wouldn’t survive on his own.

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bird 10

So Susan decide Klinger simply had to stay with her. And Klinger seems quite happy with that decision.

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bird 11

How fortunate that Susan spotted Klinger and was able to save him! See Susan and Klinger’s story below.

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