She Got Hit By A Car And Broke Her Jaw. When I See Her New Smile? So Cute!

Most of us love our pets unconditionally. No matter how they look, in our eyes they’ll always be perfect. Often, they’re even more cute if they have something a little unusual about them. Something that makes them just a tad more special. This cat named Duchess is gifted with the cutest of smiles. She broke her jaw when she got hit by a car. Luckily she received good care and underwent surgery. When Crystal Tate saw the cat with her unique smile, she instantly fell in love and adopted Duchess.

Duchess is now called “the miracle cat”. She was a homeless cat in Texas that got hit by a car and broke her jaw.


Two good-hearted veterinarians in a hospital for animals took the cat in. She was in a bad state, but they believed in her and decided to operate Duchess.


“Most places would’ve just euthanized her, but by some miracle Duchess got lucky and Dr. Meyer and Dr. Gearheart took a chance and repaired her jaw. Her jaw was wired back in place (or close to it) and she had the majority of her teeth removed,” owner Crystal Tate writes on Gofundme.


They were forced to remove most of her teeth but were essentially able to adjust her jaw. She’ll have a somewhat crooked mouth for the rest of her life, but that only makes her a little extra charming.

Duchess needed one month to recover. She was fed by a tube and given plenty of medication. But she kept fighting and managed to pull through.


Crystal works at the animal clinic and met Duchess on her very first day. She got so attached to the cat that she decided to bring her home after less then a week. Now, Duchess has a home she loves and an owner that loves her just as much.


Crystal is trying to raise money so Duchess can have more treatment and surgery. The jaw will still be a bit crooked but life will be a lot easier for this miracle cat if she gets the help she needs.


We hope Crystal succeeds in raising the money for Duchess! We’re thrilled that the little cat ended up in such a loving home. Please pass this on if this story made you happy!

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