Shelter dog confused when they hand him leash, then camera captures tear-jerking moment he realizes he’s going home

There’s absolutely nothing nice about animals being forced into shelters. Crammed tightly in cages, often in overcrowded rooms, pets who end up there are among the saddest there is.

I am a firm believer in adopting rather than buying a pet. There are simply too many animals out there that need our love and care, and I see no good reason to overlook them.

Animals such as Benny, for example.


Benny was a shy, gentle and absolutely sweet pit bull when he was brought in to the Carson Animal Care Center in Gardena, California.

But once there, he faced a grim reality: there was a good chance he would be put down.

Like so many other animals at the shelter, Benny waited patiently but desperately for someone to decide to love him forever and bring him into their forever home.

Once there, he knew but one thing — he would be the most loving, devoted dog a dog could be!

Losing Hope

But the weeks drew on, and Benny remained in the shelter. His spirit began to wane. When he’d first arrived, he was enthusiastically greeting visitors, full of hope and love. But time was wearing him down.

But suddenly, one day, one of the shelter’s staff entered Benny’s kernel with a bright red leash in his hand. It could only mean one thing… Benny was being adopted!

Benny’s reaction to the amazing news is just overwhelming. I am not sure I saw such joy in a long time! Watch sweet Benny’s pure, raw reaction of joy below.

All dogs deserve a loving home! We need to ensure more “Bennys” out there get exactly that. If you’re thinking of owning a pet, please head to your local animal shelter before you do anything else!