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Sick coyote rescued after car accident

Coyotes are shy animals—and even when they need help, they steer clear of humans. And when an injured coyote was spotted on a golf course in Ottawa, Ontario, last week, he ran from the very people who wanted to make sure he could survive the cold Canadian winter.

But luckily, the animal lovers who saw him saw refused to give up on him. Read the heartwarming story below.

A couple of weeks ago, a coyote was hit by a car in Ottawa, Ontario. Although he was injured, he managed to run off. And when he turned up on a golf course, he was also suffering from a severe case of a skin parasite called sarcoptic mange.

The Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary set up traps and cages to try and capture the injured animal, but came up short.

Then after three days of trying, they finally managed to catch the coyote on November 21. And it wasn’t a day too soon.

The coyote had a broken hip and his mange left him almost entirely furless. He never would’ve survived the winter. But thanks to the Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, he was given another chance.

Sarah Beauregard, the organization’s coordinator, posted a picture of the unnamed coyote on Facebook.

“I just can’t wrap my brain around how cute he is,” she wrote below the image.

The coyote actually looks like he’s smiling. Despite all the terrible things that happened to him, his eyes were full of hope. Sarah Beauregard says that he seems to understand that the Rideau Valley staff wish him well, and he seems to rely on them.

The plan now is to care for the coyote until his injuries heal and he’s strong enough to be released into the wild again. Until then, they’ll try to give him as little human contact as possible, so he doesn’t become too domesticated.

But it must be difficult with that sweet face!

Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

I really hope that the little coyote heals quickly so he can run wild again soon! In a way, you could say that the terrible car accident saved his life, because he probably would have frozen to death this winter if he hadn’t been treated for his scabies. Fortunately, he was discovered in time and is getting the care he needs.

I’m glad everything ended well for this smiley creature. But at the same time, I can’t help but think of all the coyotes, foxes, and other animals that are killed every year for their fur. I hope people stop tormenting these beautiful animals to make clothes.

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