Sick leave to care for ill dogs – Here's the country that's making history

Sick leave to care for ill dogs – Here’s the country that’s making history

Taking paid leave to care for a ill dog sounds like an obvious idea for many pet owners. But unfortunately, most countries don’t allow workers to stay home and take care of their four-legged friends.

In Italy, however, some progress has been made. For the first time, a court has granted a person to receive sick pay while staying home to care for her sick dog.

“It is a significant step forward,” Gianluca Felicetti, president of Italy’s Anti-Vivisection League, said.

The woman, who remains anonymous, missed two says of work while caring for her 12-year-old English Setter, Cucciola, after the dog underwent surgery.

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The woman’s lawyers, from Italy’s Anti-Vivisection League, argued that missing work to care for a sick pet qualifies as a “serious or family personal reason,” which is covered by sick pay law in Italy. And the court agreed.

“It is a significant step forward,” Gianluca Felicetti, president of the Anti-Vivisection League, told the BBC.

A legal precedent

The women’s lawyers hope others can follow in the woman’s footsteps, since they can refer to the case. Because this is the first time the court has granted someone permission to legally receive sick pay while caring for an ill pet, Italy is writing history.

This is a big step forward. Animals also deserve care when they’re sick. Please share this article and help spread this idea.

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