Small dog meets a big police horse – when it looks closer, owner bursts into laughter

I don’t think there’s anything more adorable than watching a little creature meet a much bigger creature — and for them to get along!

That’s why I was completely overjoyed when I watched this video that someone has filmed on their mobile phone.

It’s about a playful puppy who is ecstatic and in state of joy after meeting a big Police horse on the streets of New York.

Just look at the little French bulldog’s face when it comes across the big police horse on Wall Street! The dog immediately understands that this is a meeting unlike any other and is quickly curious about the adult horse.

The dog doesn’t waste any time in making it clear that it’s in a playful mood while the trained horse on the other hand keeps its cool and remains professional. It might not be in the same playful mood as the dog, but the horse still lets the little dog play with him and from time to time bows down to the pup. How cute is that?

The horse seems to be a sweetheart! Or perhaps he is confused and curious about the tiny animal!

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This is too cute not to enjoy. Have a look below.

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