Stray kitten steals the spotlight during a live TV broadcast

Animals have the ability to pop up when you least expect them. And for one TV anchor, his morning broadcast was, to say the least, special.

Suddenly, from out of nowhere, a stray kitten jumped up on his news desk.

And the little sweetheart wasn’t about to give up her 15 minutes of fame quickly.

During live television broadcasts, things are bound to go wrong. Microphones stop working, lights don’t switch on, and teleprompters stop working.

But for this newscaster, something completely different—and much cuter—sent his live broadcast in an unexpected direction.


Suddenly, a stray kitten appeared on camera. The little cutie jumped up on the news desk and took took stock of what the newscaster had up there.


Ever the professional, the anchor just kept talking. And the kitten wasn’t exactly camera-shy. After a few seconds, she saw the perfect place to enjoy the day’s headlines.


Once the ktten saw the anchor’s laptop, she went straight for the keyboard and sat down on the toasty surface.


The newscaster found himself in a predicament. He kept reading the news until he got break, and then he put the kitten in a small blanket to make her comfortable. And like all good news stories, this one has a happy ending: the kitten was adopted by a member of the news team—and now she gets lots of love every day.


This stray kitten is just too cute. She was all alone in the big world and somehow ended up in front of TV cameras. She didn’t seem afraid or intimidated one bit, and she looked so cozy on that laptop!

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