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Stray puppy was days from being put to sleep – now see her joy when she gets a new owner

A lot of people think that dogs that end up in shelters must have behavioral problems. But most of the time, shelter dogs are there not because they’re difficult, but because their former owners, for whatever reason, were unable to care for them.

This cute dog had been abandoned—but it’s clear that she still has a lot of love to give!

This video makes me so happy! Please share it with your friends so that everyone can see how wonderful it is to adopt a dog!

It’s true that some dogs arrive at shelters nervous and unable to trust humans.

Many times, those dogs had a tough time at their last home and need some time to get used to their new environment.

The dog Peanut was taken in by a kill shelter—and after almost two weeks, no one seemed to want her, and she was scheduled to be put down.

Image Source: YouTube

But luckily, someone stepped forward. And the cute puppy couldn’t stop hugging and kissing her new owner when she found out she had a new forever home.

Image Source: YouTube

This video really shows how great our four-legged friends are.

Please share this clip with your friends and maybe one of them will be inspired to adopt a dog and make them as happy as Peanut! 

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