The Baby Is Crying On The Bed. But Watch When The Cat Jumps Up And Does This…

Most people take it for granted that dogs are a man’s best friend. And the evidence is strong. The vast majority dogs are loyal, trustworthy, and loving to their owners. Cats, on the other hand, have a reputation for being a little stubborn and self-centered. But in my experience, the stereotypes aren’t always accurate. I’ve met plenty of cats that are loving and outgoing—so when I saw this clip, I just had to show it to all of my friends that are a little too dismissive of cats.

In the clip below, a small baby lying on a bed suddenly bursts out crying. On the floor below, the baby’s older sister is playing with the family cat. But when the cat hears the baby crying, it frees itself from the girl’s arms and rushes up onto bed.

The cat immediately cuddles the little baby and tries a few different snuggle positions until the baby starts to calm down. And sure enough, it doesn’t take long until the baby is happy and relaxed.

Check out this loving cat for yourself in this adorable video:

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