The Couple Finds A German Shepherd In The Rain. What They Did Next Is Being Hailed By Thousands.

The couple was walking on the streets of Dover in Southern England when it suddenly began to pour. Just as they began seeking shelter, they noticed a German shepherd tied to a lamppost nearby.

The couple quickly decided to ignore their own needs and focus instead on the helpless dog, unable to escape the rain.



For over 20 minutes, they waited patiently with the dog, using their jackets to protect it from the rainstorm. A man who worked in a shop opposite witnessed their efforts, and eventually brought the couple a couple of umbrellas so that they could better protect themselves from the rainfall.



The dog owner emerged after a while, oblivious to the fact that it had been pouring – and was extremely grateful to the couple for what they had done. The owner was not the only grateful party in this story — the couple has since been hailed all over the web for their selfless act and the Facebook post describing the incident has already received thousands of likes.

Thanks to this couple, what could have been a very drenched and cold dog was a happy warm and dry dog instead. Reading about what this young couple did really warmed my heart!

Heart-warming news to hear on #NationalDogDay.

Posted by Metro on den 26 augusti 2015

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