Brothers film themselves while they abuse their dog- now they’re being punished

Brothers Andrew and Daniel Frankish filmed themselves abusing the family dog.

The terrible video shows them throwing her down a flight of steps, kicking and hitings the bulldog.

But the brothers were caught after their mobile phone was found in a grocery store.

It’s a horrible video to see. And unfathomable that someone would do such a thing – let alone film it.

In the video, the two brothers can be seen throwing their bulldog Baby down a flight of stairs several times. They kick and throw her into walls of their house.

But the brothers were arrested after they accidentally left their cell phone with the video of the attack at a supermarket.

The pair was sentenced to 21 weeks in prison, suspended for two years, given a six-month tagged curfew between the hours of 8pm-6am and ordered to pay $400.

They were banned from having animals for life.

Source: YouTube

The penalty, however, has upset many who believe that the brothers should have been sentenced to prison, according to The Mirror. 

Bulldog Baby was badly injured by the beatings and sadly, was later put down after losing the function in her back legs. 

The images from the video are very strong, so we have chosen not to include it here.

Source: YouTube

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