The Police Is Handing Out A Fine, But When This Kitten Appears I Can’t Stop Smiling.

Policeman Keith Urban was out with his car when he had to pull over a driver to give him an fine. It was just a normal day at work – until this kitten came up to him. In this clip, captured by the police cars control board, we can watch when Keith is standing and talking to the driver. And while he’s writing a ticket you can see how a kitten comes strutting up to him. The kitten is extremely cuddly and does everything to get his attention while he’s writing the ticket. This clip is so lovely. Not only because of the loveable kitten. Keith doesn’t get annoyed, he’s trying to do his best to satisfy this kitten’s needs – while he’s working. If you want to put a smile on someone’s face today, just pass this forward!  

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