The robin refuses to leave the farmer alone, then he looks closer and realizes he wants help

I have seen birds in my days, but I can say that I have not seen anything like this before.

As one man was out working in his garden, a little robin suddenly approached him.

Robins have oft been described as determined and protective birds.

This bird certainly was both. As if straight out of a Disney movie, the robin began to follow the man around his yard, refusing to leave him alone.

The reason? Just see for yourself below…

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The little bird probably had noticed that the man was working hard with his garden tools. And where there is soil, there are juicy worms…

With little spins and jumps, the robin avoided the gardener’s tools and picked up loads of worms. 

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He does not seem to be the least afraid of the man, despite the sharp garden tool he held in his hand.

It’s quite simply a wonderful collaboration between human and animal.

Watch the wonderful video below 🙂

Wasn’t this so lovely to watch? Birds are truly amazing and clever creatures… which may need a helping hand now and then.

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