Their puppy ran away to their elderly neighbor’s house – now they’re BFFs

Dogs are so much more than cuddly pets. They’re also members of the family who bring happiness to the lives of everyone from babies to grandparents.

When 92-year-old Sally lost her husband, it was like a light went out in her life.

But then one day, a spark returned to her eyes again when a special puppy walked into her life.

Sally moved to the USA from her native Holland more than 60 years ago, in 1953. Today, she’s 92 years old and has been alone since 1990. That was the year her husband died, and because her children live far away, Sally’s been on her own ever since her husband passed.

Recently, Sally’s neighbors said goodbye to a dear family member when their elderly dog, Blizzard, died. They were devastated, but soon after, they welcomed a St. Bernard puppy named Brody into their home. Then on Brody’s first day home with his new family, he did something they didn’t expect. He ran away.

Luckily, Brody didn’t go far, though. He wandered down the street to Sally’s house—and the two of them have been best friends ever since.

Image Source: YouTube/Caterclips

Since the day Brody walked into Sally’s life, he’s been her constant companion. Brody follows Sally wherever she goes, and his owners can always him by at her side.

Image Source: YouTube/Caterclips

Whether Sally is watching TV or working in her garden, Brody right there, like a best friend who doesn’t want to let go.

Brody has helped Sally remember her roots growing up on a farm surrounded by dogs, and he’s brought joy back into her life.

Image Source: YouTube/Caterclips

Even when Sally goes to church, Brody tags along. And the lovable St. Bernard is also happy to go along on car rides and help get the mail.

After a tough time alone, Sally is enjoying the joy of life again. And she’s more active than ever, thanks to her four-legged friend.

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