These baby otters love having breakfast – now watch them having a ball in the morning

Baby otters must be some of the most adorable animals in the world! Or at least I think so.

These little cuties are full of energy, love to run around and play — and they make completely adorable squeaking sounds.

You just have to love baby otters!

These two were rescued from animal traffickers by an animal rescue center.

© YouTube

This video was posted to YouTube by a guy named Frank Cuesta, who owns an animal rescue center. It fights illegal animal trafficking and has taken in more than 6,000 animals in the past 15 years.

Including these two little cuties.

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Frank releases the baby otters from their pen in the morning. And are they ever happy to see Frank!

Especially when he brings them their yummy breakfast!

Frank almost has to tell them to slow down while he sets their breakfast down.

© YouTube

Listen to the incredibly cute sounds they make while they munch on their nice breakfast. Wonderful!

Frank let the little critters stay with him for three months before they were ready to be released back into the wild. Thanks to Frank, these two cuties were able to escape captivity and illegal trafficking.

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