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This Box They Found In The Middle Of Nowhere Changed Their Lives Forever.

Bret Winingar and his son Zach were on a trip with their bikes in the countryside around Little Rock, Arkansas. On the ground, they suddenly discovered an old dog box.


They looked closer to see if there was anything inside the box. The box was covered in poo. Inside the box, they found a heavily undernourished dog. They saw that a part of the box was chewed apart. Apparently the dog had tried to chew her way out.


They left the dog for a while.


And came back in a car with food for the dog.


They decided to call her Charlie Bravo.


Immediately Charlie showed her appreciation to the rescuers.


The first thing they did when they got home was to fix her claws, which had become ingrown during her time in the box. Charlie also got pampered in a bath.


After that, they took her to a veterinarian.


The veterinarian found that Charlie was about eight months old. He took care of all Charlie’s physical injuries from her time spent in the box. He estimated that she’d spent over a month in the box.


Charlie’s story quickly went viral and people started to donate money to cover her vet costs.


Bret and his family now plan to donate the remaining money to different animal rights and help organizations. They even want to start a foundation called “Charlie’s Angels” that would help animals who’ve been rescued.


At first, keeping Charlie was not really an option for Bret. But when it was time to go separate ways, he just couldn’t do it. Today, Charlie along with three other rescued dogs live in happiness and security with the family. Charlie is a healthy, happy dog, and suffered no permanent injuries from her time in the box.


People that do these kinds of things should truly be rewarded!

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