This Dog Gets Stuck In A Bush. Now His Adorable Pictures Are Melting Hearts All Over The Net.

It’s unclear how this adventurous shiba ended up hanging through a bush but what’s for sure is his failed attempt is quite hilarious!

Source: @yamamochi223 (Twitter)


What a sight he caused! Seeing his head sticking out from the bush just brought a smile to my face.

Source: @yamamochi223 (Twitter)


The best part is how unbothered he seems to be with the awkward situation he found himself in. He just calmly ‘sits’ in the bush, seemingly smiling nonchalantly.

Source: @yamamochi223 (Twitter)


His photos have been spreading like wildfire online, with people from all over the world obviously loving the sight of this adorable, silly dog as much as I do 🙂

I wonder if he knows what a celebrity he’s become?

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