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This dog is afraid of humans – until a woman realizes why and changes everything

If there’s anything that should never happen, it is that pet owners should never abuse their animals. It makes me downright angry.

All animals deserve to have a good home and a good life—which is why I was so happy to see how this story turns out. A black Labrador named June who was found shaking and afraid is finally feeling good again and getting the love she deserves.

Tammy Graves is the founder of an animal advocacy organization in North Carolina called The Haley Graves Foundation. And when she was making her usual rounds at local kennels, she noticed a black Labrador named June Cash.

June was shaking and held her head against a wall. She was terrified and had more or less resigned herself to what she thought would be a terrible fate.

Fortunately, though, Tammy realized that something had to be done. She immediately took June to a veterinarian .

Image Source: YouTube

It turns out that June had a serious infection—and she also showed signs of having been beaten.

Tammy cared for June for a few weeks until she was ready to be placed in a loving foster home.

Image Source: YouTube

Slowly, June began to trust people again and even cuddles with her foster dad now.

Now that she has come so far, June is ready for a new forever home that can provide the loving care she truly deserves!

Image Source: YouTube

Please share this story so that more people realize that we can all do something for our beloved animals.

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