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This Dog Was Terrified Of Water. Now Watch What Daddy Does… So Cute!

Some dogs seem to just love splashing around. And if they had their way, they’d be in the water all day. Others, though, dread bath time and would do just about anything to avoid water. Sampson is one of those dogs that’s almost allergic to water. The mere thought of swimming gets Sampson shaking, and bathing is like torture for the dog. Fortunately, though, Sampson’s dad is determined to help him get over his biggest fear. When Sampson’s dad carries him into the pool, the dog seems pretty insecure. But between dad’s patience and good coaching—and a little bravery on Sampson’s part—magic happens. Check out the super cute video below!

Sampson’s dad is determined to help his doggie get over his fear of water. And at first, Sampson won’t let go of his papa.


When dad tries to let go of him, Sampson isn’t quite ready.


But a moment later, he gets up the courage. What brave and lovely doggie!


Watch the adorable video here:

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