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This Homeless Puppy Was Left For Dead. Then Animal Rescue Stepped In And Gave It Another Chance In Life.

Who doesn’t love a puppy? So it’s especially heartbreaking to see such a cute pup left one the side of the street, homeless, sick, and dying. But that’s exactly what Animal Aid Unlimited found when they set out one day in Rajasthan, India.

This little puppy was suffering from canine distemper and couldn’t even stand up on its own. But you’ll be amazed by the transformation that 14 days and some love (and other medicine) can do!

You might not even notice this pup as you rush to get to work on time.


dying dog1


She was in rough shape and in dire need of care! One more day like this and she might have been a lost cause.


dying dog2


Besides canine distemper, she also open wounds and mange.


dying dog3


Luckily, animal rescue workers from Animal Aid International found her.


dying dog4


They took her back to their animal hospital for some much-needed rehabilitation.


dying dog5


Back at the hospital, she was given a checkup and administered medicine.


dying dog6


With the animal rescue workers’ love and care, she started to improve.


dying dog8


She was finally in a safe place and looked after by caring humans and surrounded by other rescue dogs.


dying dog7


Fourteen days later, she was back on her feet and her appetite was back!


dying dog9


As heartbreaking as it is to see a puppy suffer like she did, it’s heartwarming to know that there are people out there who are able to give a puppy her life back.


dying dog10


Watch the video to see this puppy’s full transformation and see the good work Animal Aid International is doing.



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